Love is a great Tool

Love. Love is hard. Love is a compound. Love is difficult. Love is necessary. Love grows, whether accepted or not. Love may crush if it goes unaccepted. Love may bring sorrows until the mind, heart, and body are willing. Love is not sex, yet sex can be with love. Love is careful intent. Once released, love is boundless. Agents working against Love may recognize and fear Love. Love may transmutate into gold and creativity, that which once was without. Love may be in the shower. Love may release bonds of power. Love may be utilized by those who know to form patience and discipline, to heal and dissolve mistakes into learned lessons. There is not a mistake a human being can make which cannot be converted to a positive life experience or beneficial force. Love will protect those who believe in Love from all illness, hurt, loss, or poor choices made during moments of weakness. Love has mass. Love is not invisible. I am unsure as to Love’s appearance. Love may be in the eyes or where the Eagle flies. The Sun brings love. The Moon holds love. Love moves without borders. Of course, when Love encounters an opposing force, Love wins the contest. Love saves willpower. In the moments before one accepts Love for the first time, Love may void that within a person which is not Love, and this may leave a person empty. The greater the feeling of emptiness before Love is accepted, the more powerful the force of Love within that which accepts it is to be. Before Love will aid, Love must feel safe. Love creates through extreme purity, perfect avenues of means by which successes may be born. We all know success requires work. One reason Love is hard, is that Love demands and requires work and will for Love in order to operate.