i must not try to convince I am not good for nothing, or else must do so or not do either? at my own PERIL?

I know you like to admit to knowing there are problems, and that it is wise to acknowledge and share that knowledge. I can buy into that a bit.

I like to make points that might be valid without concern of the delivery of the point,
in it’s ‘genetic qualities’ according to the definitions of words based on words I did not invent, because doing so gives me humorous laughing fits, I love to have.

Plus, I like to be someone that is happy to be able to be blessed with love from others,
even though I might not seem, in every way, to be deserving of it. I like doing that, because I think when I give people, (like you- etc.) the chance to show they can love something that is not functioning right, because I don’t understand their words by their definitions, or other
miscommunications of my ability to live and use words without worrying that my words will force people to do things they should not do to others, and did not obey your moralistic standards and ability to manipulate the minds of those you love by basically tricking them into having to believe it is possible you are better than they are (you are better than me), meaning, basically, I like proving that words do no harm as long as those knowing the words never cause physical harm ever, well…
I think I just proved all my words you’ve ever known me to use is 100% not proveable to be only words typed by the only GOD that ever existed! Well, now, about all this, really.

It is as though I’ve been playing the Devil’s advocate in some argument against any possibilities of truth in Devil vs. God ideas- which are all only created when people know words, not having to do with matter at all…

Basically, you want to know the truth about me as I see it? I am confused. I am worried I cannot use words without being blamed for being the Devil. I don’t like that. So, really, I almost never believe anything I am doing is not the ‘worst thing to happen ever…’ I promise you I do believe this to be my true beliefs right now,
if I leave out a detail I’ve not yet mentioned:

It is this: Hi, how are you!
And why did I not just say, “Hi, How are you?!’ in my message? PLUS,
Is this really a real problem for anyone alive? Or did you just corner me with your word system into a place proving you neither A. understand the definition of the word LOVE, or
B. are God trying to test my ability to tolerate ideas that make me think things are problematic if i don’t control how I use my words, or

C. It’s YOUR turn now? ! ?

D. I only want to know one thing:
Will you ever allow this message published, or read by a child you know? A CHILD. ?

E. Is it even right to ask?

F. If words have no ability to make you bad, and you just answered ‘NO’ to part E. ,
why are you trying to make me feel bad? I’m God, I think, now, because I just basically wrote some words no human ever did but me, (assuming i AM human only), that prove I am nothing to worry about if you think problems exist because either people

A1. Choose to be good. or,
A2. Choose to be bad.

The end result ma’am? Hello? I just clarified to you that the only logical idea we both should agree on, is A. God exists, most likely and now we all can REST ASSURED IN ALL FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and tennents thereof in good ideas we like to know we think we believe are infallable truths, that I, Bradley Dean Sommerfeld, am 100% a sinner!

So, part 777 is: What in the world did I DO to YOUR MIND or BODY or this WORLD on PURPOSE without being accidental, 100% all the time, that would ever make you fear to repost anything I’ve ever DONE, in words? With my ability to use them? So, the final solution to proving to you I might as well be GOD in all our minds, verbatim it’s connotations entirely is,

What is the reason the only things said by humans ever are the following words: I LOVE ALL FOREVER TO THE BEST OF MY UNDERSTANDING AND CAPABILITY!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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