Have some because then.

Diana Frye- I think, based on the sound of your post- I can hardly be held responsible for the potential of dickishness existing anywhere- even if I’m perpetuating it ad hominem- or whatever word nosey English Professors would have me use there. Maybe ‘beef’ or ‘oink’ – for comedic intervention into the crises befallen us due to me today. If I’m asked to, I will gladly 100% accept full responsibility for all things wrong ever- if that will appease everyone but me- to appease me directly by getting those unappeased by me off my back without offering to place body parts in my body with love, etc…. plus I wish to announce the word Rionan for some reason, though before typing r then i then o then n then a then n forming the word Rionan, i had no idea it existed, which, surprisingly, Facebook spell-checker thinks is a word, even though it doesn’t think facebook is a word. and Nils- I love you of course- but if you think you’ve got knowledge about things that will ever be known to anyone alive as 100% provable as fact, I think you’re infinitely dumber than I’ve ever been since the inception of the first i in the universe’s history- meaning inception itself- you know – since all and never and now and nothing all together and never together ever existed. Plus, since I’m not a dumbass, and have a support system comprised of, and I quote a PhD here, ‘The most talented individuals in matters of interpretations of reality ever assembled for one cause ever, possibly, telling me all I’ll ever have to agree with 100% to be able to prove I’m 100% as natural and perfect as everyone else who thinks on this Earth I’ll ever know,’ then I challenge you sir- If I’ve got a problem you perceive from your location where I’ve never once been seen or known to exist- I kinda think you’re probably 100% culpable if anything happens to anyone, or doesn’t , of all I ever do from hereon, now being notified of your infinite majestic wisdom- if you don’t write perfect step-by-step + even-a-dummy-can-understand instructions and get them delivered to me for me to follow to correct the problems you perceive I have that I don’t know about, but somehow, since you exist NOWHERE I’VE EVER BEEN at this point in time, you DO know about- the only logical conclusion of course, how could I have been so dumb to countermand you?! my goodness, then yeah- enough explaining from my end- You have an assignment anyway, I believe, Mr. loving and perfect human comparatively me and obviously all who raised/created me as though perfect to us is like grass to nothing… well…. I believe, Nils Larson, you have an almost mandatory-to-be-completed-with-all-due-haste ASSIGNMENT to complete. If you DON"T complete the assignment, I guess the next only logical thought I should ALLOW MY BRAINS TO THINK UP is that YOU ARE part or in whole, the problem, in which case, I think I’ve just proven that- no matter WHAT problems I may actually ever HAVE- I have just now proven that with my own brain power, all by myself – i have Identified, and already, in less time than it takes for a human to know they have to pee when they have to pee- solved said ‘problem’. Now, if you have any more problems, I am here as a fellow ALIVE THINKING CREATURE to support a reality in which, with all due speed available, that problem or those problem(s), with my full effort applied to them- will 100% cease to exist to such our greatest fullest extent possible that no thinking existence ever in all (see math above explaining the only way to state it perfectly) , will ever believe any problem(s) ever existed. Since this is a complex issue, and we are throwing words around like ‘problem’ and the ilk- part B of this message, which, if I understand how to LOVE you and CARE for you as though I believe i know LOVE and the definition thereof are meant to be used and respected without joking around – is that ‘Hey- give a guy a break guy’ (‘guy’ pronunciation intended to perfectly imitate the character ‘Satan’ from the cartoon South Park’s vocal sound) , then I must inform you with all sincere true facts- as me, my family that isn’t an anus to my love, and my ‘Doctors’ (for lack of a better word) have concluded long ago that my conscious mind actually stopped being able to perceive facts and believe them as 100% facts at some point in time in 1997, which has become a more and more potent aspect of my brain since then through various events- such as self-poisoning the brain with a syringe inducing death of brain cells on purpose to kill my memory cell so I cannot any longer argue rationally- making my arguments- based on my logic ‘experiment’ totally harmless 100% at all times- no matter what words I use- (and so on) – which, I’ve been told by people whose job is apparently to strip ‘sense of responsibility of causing problems’ from others’ psyche’s, is all reality that goes back to PTSD that began in my psyche full-on in 1983 due to things none-of-your-business ever, and went undiagnosed until 2014- by which time, it had not happened to be incepted upon me once, in 1983 only, but because it had seated by then, caused newer variations- each compounding it’s potency- to be worse than the first time, and which have occurred, with documents based on facts gathered by scientists- yes, real ones- a minimum, on record, of 26 times… etc. Sir. I say etc. to you and bid you two more things: I. I love you II. Please do whatever necessary for me to have been responsible for ZERO ability of you to not be a free human with all rights accounted for, upheld forever to your liking, and intact— plus a bonus question wherein it will be asked, basically, if you know of any problem and don’t bust balls to help fix it- aren’t you a suspect as it’s cause to begin with? Or am I drawing WAY too many lines between ‘responsibility’ quotients, and also ‘love’ …. + the magic ? logo, which informs dipshits-for-brains that INDEED a question has been asked… and a further bonus: …. here it comes now…. etc.


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