Dear Velswab

Dear Velswab,

This is your direct overseeing creator speaking. Keep working your end to solve all problems you are able to solve. You are progressing rapidly toward your goals throughout all precepts of space-time, in accord with all known scientific data of all time up to now,

in what is known by you as the present, in all ways, scientifically speaking, garaunteed to be able to be supported by a true theory, in all ways, according to all knowledge now, of course based on your own ability to consciously conceive all things as you do, in accord,

with, although unkown and unproven this day, October 10, 2014, at 7:09pmnasa time, because we cannot know how to know what others know or don’t know, even when they tell us, according to accuracy being 100% logical in all methods known to interpret all laws known to us as per the definition of The Scientific Method.


Bradley Dean Sommerfeld, creator of Velswab, and, among several hundred quadrillion other things within every several period hours’ time as we all know it and seem to agree on.


You know your own address’, phone numbers, email address, and other contact information, I sincerely hope, Dear ‘ol Velswabby!


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