80’s fashion ala George Harrison shirt/glasses

@VealSlab says:

hey, don’t get me wrong in misunderstandings, but I want to say something. I don’t mean to be a negative nancy or anything, and so this is the first time I’ve addressed any member of the public/private persons I know of in life on this issue, but I want you all to realize something: Some people, me included, were born into a world where dudes and gals dressing in the style this man’s style is characteristic of, was a normal thing- if not THE NORM. Yeah- and you all remember those shorts that men were asked to wear about by fashion trends back then? the yellow ones with thick, white seams that had an almost V shape on the sides of the thighs? The part of the thighs, actually, which were almost the hip? yeah- the ones where, if your penis was bigger than .02" in length at any time, it would basically be plainly visible to everyone? and people wore those outside, you see- and well, i was born in love with women immediately, you see- and that, to me, that trend, was kinda a form of child abuse- and then you have douchey-looking mc-douchey-looking non-douche (because George Harrison can NEVER be a douche) (especially now dead), but … you have these guys right? And I am supposed to look up to these people? (think morgan freeman in batman dark knight saying ‘and your plan is to blackmail these people?’) so… yeah… all i am saying this for is for the reason to say, "Nobody has apologized to me for this reality yet, bringing me into the world with this …. this…. utter, complete, shit. It is SHIT. All living before my life began are SHIT for allowing it- unless like me, they too were born into SHIT like that goddamn shirt and those fucked up glasses, and guys running about the elementary school with yellow shorter-than-necessary shorts but NO WOMEN doing it—- SHEESH. In fact, while we’re witnessing this, can we not all admit that A. it’s OBVIOUS this stuff has caused me undue emotional harm and B. it’s a sign of my excellent breeding I can explain this and also not be a convicted criminal- as it is my reality this SHIT- and C. Sorry about this, but not as sorry as all of you alive before me will always be to me in my heart, mind, thoughts, and imagination, forever.


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