I cannot believe people allow ignorance to keep from witnessing writing like this, and think of their lives as being lived in accordance to adherence of Literary Greatness Quotients.


At a later time, or maybe before that time, I do not recall, that very same boy who had not let me take the fall for him in regard to the pencils was being beat up after school on the soccer field by the same kid that had told the teacher in kindergarten that I used a word against him I did not use. These two boys had both come up to me during the school day to ask me to be on the playground to back them up in their fight against the other one. I told each of them yes, I would, but that they should not fight each other. I watched in horror as the one who lied to the teacher in kindergarten beat the holy living hell out of the kid that had stood up for me to the principle, throwing punches to the face of the kid that had stolen the pencils while the kid that had stolen the pencils and stood up for me laid on the ground screaming that someone help him. My friend from kindergarten then started kicking the other boy. I made him stop after summoning courage to do so. The boy that had been winning the fight had a wild look in his eyes and on his face while fighting, and it was this face that turned to face me while I spoke, …”has had enough. You do not want to kill him.” “I do want to kill him. I should kill him.” I do not even know, nor did I ever know, what the fight was about, but I helped the beaten boy call his father for a ride home because he couldn’t walk very well. He said he thought I was going to back him up, and I said I was sorry I didn’t, but did not want to get beat up. He said he understood, but that I was not his friend anymore. This hurt me very bad. He said I would never be friends with anybody ever again unless they were going to get hurt or die. I said I didn’t want anyone to get hurt or die. He said I should never talk to anybody ever again unless I was their master or boss or husband or father, that everyone I wanted to be my friend would grow to hate me. His father and I and he went to his father’s house. His father asked why I did not call for help during the fight. I said I wanted to stay and stop the fight if I could, not to leave the fighting to those in the soccer field. He said I may have saved the life of his son, that his son had a beating coming, that I did the right thing, but that I was a coward for not kicking the other person’s ass. I said I was not a coward, I stopped the fight when the other person was at his most dangerous. He said, “Yes. But you are strong. You are of strength you do not yet know. You could have beaten the other guy to a pulp.” I said, “I do not think so.” He said, “You are so strong you will never fight another person as long as you live because when you fight you are angry and you know your strength and you know that if you ever fight you will kill whomever it is you are fighting.” I said, “I will find the anti-christ and I will kill him with my bare hands.” He said, “You are the anti-christ and you are a fool. The devil is the creator of this world, not God. God is an angry deity out of control. He plants life in the Stars and the Earth will not die until every life that is in a Star has come to live on Earth for punishment at the will of God for wanting to be like him. The devil made God make the Earth out of God’s wrath because the devil wanted to know what it was like to experience creating things, destroying things, and doing things without serving God all the time in prayer, song, thought. You are here not to find yourself and defeat yourself, are you?” “No,” I said, “I’m not the anti-christ.” “It’s a good thing you did not just say no,” he said, “I am the devil, and you have saved my son. What do you want to do now?” “Now?” I asked. “Yes. Now. What do you want to do right this second?” “Leave.” “No, fool,” he said, “If you could do anything right now, what would it be?” “Oh!”, I said, “I suppose I would like to be performing live music in front of a huge audience, or maybe just fucking a lot of beautiful sexy women BECAUSE I perform live music in front of large audiences. Yes, I would be fucking three or four sexy women right now.” Somehow the topic got on where the women came from, their nationalities. Sweden, Norwegian, Scandinavians, that sort of thing came up. You do not need to know the rest of the story right now except to know that he ended up telling me the only reason I would throw away what he could offer would be if I was scared. I am scared. You should be.

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