make ’em deal with it.

Just a note of personal affection toward the readers of the world. My history is incompletely known.
That will change.

For example,

Dear Rachel Maddow of MSNBC show The Rachel Maddow Show,
I sincerely write you through public media this day to test if it is possible to say hi to you this way.
I am a wonderfully wonderful Kansas citizen. You are wonderfully wonderful to witness delivering news and ideas on TV. Thanks for that. Now, hire my spouse Rachel L. S. Sommerfeld to produce your show for you, and relax while the three of us take over the world!- Scratch that… Make tons of dough!
We can make tons of dough to feed the homeless with.

See ya!
-Bradley D. Sommerfeld
Call me for a random interview in which I will gladly discuss my campaign to run for the office of The United States of America, Presidential office, thereof.

I think America needs a kid who LOVES America, to be President of America, boy or girl, or something other than either of those and/or any combination thereof,
with lasting love in the heart for the arts of science, (space), music (sound), Literature, (writing), and more, including of course, painting. Randomly.

When I have vetted myself first, to run for public office,
I will run under a party I have designed that I like to call the KANSAS PARTY,
based on the State motto of the wonderful State of Kansas, ‘To The Stars Through Difficulty’

This message is intended to be ‘sans jokes.’


This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.


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