Secret life of teens: The dangerous drug parents aren’t talking about with kids

I think the crux- the main result, that is, of Christianity, is that it fosters an inability to trust, in the minds of those who can think with logic. Your God loves you so he gets angry all the time, doesn’t save lives, and killed his son? Yeah- that story to a five-year-old is basically the worst thing you could ever tell them. When I saw the story of the kid who overdosed on drugs and was pretty-much ruined, I was not surprised to hear his Mommy say, “… we’re Christians…” You see, he never took seriously the threat of those drugs he was using because ever since he was a child, YOU, his parents, and the world around him, have all been lying to him. Every rational thinker knows that no good God would ever crucify his son. Anyone who thinks so, is probably being slowly programmed by what I can only describe as an epidemic like a disease that really, when you think about it, is truly the crux of what any Satan being would like to put on the world. Amen. If I could, I would sue the crap out of my parents and their church for putting that utter BS on me when I was little. It made me not trust my own parents, it made me feel like the world was made of evil, and it makes me, to this day, kinda worthless in many, many ways. I just cannot get over the idea that my own parents told me that God exists and that I am bad and that Jesus was killed because I am bad. I don’t think I will EVER get over it. EVER. And probably 7 times out of 10 when you talk about insanity, (drug abuse IS a form of insanity), and wonder where it comes from, but don’t look Christianity right in the eye, then you can’t say a single word that will ever be sane.

Secret life of teens: The dangerous drug parents aren’t talking about with kids


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