Here you are fellow scientists. Whenever confronted with the non-understanding and unwilling of science, we show them this, and leave it be.

tool tool tool TOOL TOOL TOOL TOOL TOOL TOOL 17+17+9+7+4+2+1:
I. Heinz 57

II. Pearl Jam

+11+9+20:107 (calculator used)
III. Nothing relatable/relevant (1:56pm 7/27/2013 8 second lapse, then 1:57pm + 4 seconds- [approx])
A. therefore, add either all sums time and date, or 4 seconds to adjust.  apply a second with value 8 from 14, for when * 8, a slippage occurred, thus utilizing 8 for reasons scientific enabled via understandings of science relatable from ‘Scientific Method’, make 6, then, (last time written explanation thus) also for reasons relatable to usage of ‘Scientific Method’ practices, apply values +9+11+19+5+9+8, and additional subtraction from slippage valued +9: (slippage 9+) occurrence: 43
1. 279 with 4 second adjustment, values derived as
2. 353 with full date/time adjustment, values derived as
a. 107+12+7+27+7+8+13+43+43+43+43
3. 111 with 4 second adjustment, seconds themselves only, values derived as a. 107+4
~. acceptable result, thus continue


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